Christopher Fox

Christopher Fox is a composer, teacher and writer on music.

Short-term Thinking Won't Deliver Anything But Cuts to British Music
Four months after Arts Council England made cuts to opera companies and orchestras, the BBC is now disbanding its professional choir and promising a 20% cut to its orchestras. Composer Christopher Fox discusses the growing crisis in British music.
Music in a Land of Contradictions
Arts Council England's recent funding decisions have set opera companies, orchestras and even musical genres against one another. The controversy demonstrates why musicians have to stand together, writes composer Christopher Fox.
What Does Brexit Mean for Music?
For those who make music, Brexit must surely mean resistance, writes composer Christopher Fox.
Music for a Dis-Uniting Kingdom?
The UK is bursting with ideas in new music, writes Christopher Fox, but what are the current trends telling us?
Love is Nearer Death
In bringing together the sean-nós singing tradition, the poetry of W.B. Yeats and the contrasting voices of Iarla Ó Lionáird and Dawn Upshaw, the Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy has built a complex world of voices and ideas – to be within it is a profoundly moving experience.
Rethinking Opera
If we want new opera to relate to our twenty-first century experience, we must return to first principles, says Christopher Fox
Composing by Numbers
People plus music: it’s a simple formula for compelling television programmes, but why does screening creativity in music defeat even the most imaginative producers and directors, asks Christopher Fox.
Hard Times for New Music; New Music for Hard Times
Christopher Fox asks how we can best support new music in a recession
The upcoming Printing House Festival of New Music in Dublin is taking ‘Life After Feldman’ as its theme. Composer Christopher Fox looks at the legacy of the great American composer.